Number 1: Most Overlooked Wellness Tip Revealed

by Jill Larson on September 16, 2014

If you have a beautiful plant that a loved one gave you and you wanted it to thrive, would make time to feed, water and give it light?   If your soul was that plant today – would it survive?

Have you ever sat down and actually taken inventory of  how many people you take care of in your daily routine?  It is never ending right?    I know we are all busy, we have jobs, perhaps kids, laundry, doctor’s appointments, graduations . . . I know you can relate.

Can you take a moment to be brutally honest with yourself?  Are you running on empty?  If we are honest I think the majority of us would say yes.

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I believe personally, I may get a few brownie points for effort.  I do take a great supplement daily, try to mindfully eat well, attempt to get in 20 minutes of activity in,  drink more water – and less soda (that one is a toughie for me) and of course I want to try to stay skinny enough to fit into my favorite pair of jeans. . .  That is a typical list of things that are on my radar when I think of healthy living, but what about my mind and soul?  Am I feeding them as well? Here is a FACT – it is just as crucial to feed your mind and spirit as it is to take care of your physical health.  You have to be healthy as a whole, or else life will wave at you, as you sit on the sidelines, and pass right on by.   The worst thing that can happen, is to allow that in your life and feel well . . . maybe nothing.  Be beautiful on the inside!  Inner beauty is magnetic, people want to be around you. . .  and you WANT to be around them!



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I have set two goals for myself for this month to work on my inner beauty.  The first is to read a book that inspires.  For me personally, that means faith based.  I find that without plugging into God at all times, I feel blah, so I am in the process of picking something light and spiritual to lift me up and keep me thinking – YES, I CAN DO THIS (with you God).


The second thing I have found is that I need music, so I am going to make a joyful playlist.  Music really speaks to me and brings out my emotions  (Sometimes, emotions I didn’t even know I had).  Now, with that being said, you may be thinking – spiritual?  OK Jill, so you just listen to “How great Thou Art’ and hit

 replay all day long to feel “lifted” – and yes, some days I do.  But it doesn’t look like that everyday . . .  I also find crazy dance music, a lot of country and heck even some crazy techno stuff (that my daughter plays for me on Itunes, because she thinks “it is weird, but catchy”) , can inspire me as well.

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Find what inspires YOU.  Is it music, movies, running, singing, sewing, painting, mowing the grass?  NOTHING?  Change that!  WHATEVER it is – do it in God, do it with joy, do it because YOU CAN.  Take care of yourself – and that my friend will fill your family and friends with more joy than anything you could ever do FOR them physically.  When you live in joy, it is contagious and will likely inspire them.  What an amazing gift to give someone – right?!   We are all a work in progress, we all have of so much “stuff” to deal with – but promise yourself to make progress, no matter how small – JUST MAKE PROGRESS.  True inner joy is the key to true beauty, finding it can be a challenging, ongoing pursuit, but one you must never overlook.


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Who is Jill Larson?     profile18 150x150 Number 1: Most Overlooked Wellness Tip Revealed


Jill Larson has always been a health nut/dreamer/entrepreneur at heart. She loves to spend time with her LARGE family of 9!  Jill has a B.S. in Health  Education from Illinois State University and has many years of experience working in the public health and wellness field. She is a Industry Leader in Direct Sales and works her business from home.

Jill is a very passionate about helping others see their true potential in all areas of their lives. She has helped dozens of families meet and exceed their health and financial goals.   She is a strong, passionate leader and loves a challenge.

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Jump Out of Your Funk

by Jill Larson on April 3, 2013

So it has been one of the longest winters ever.  This year my cabin fever has hit an all time high.  Usually after February you get one or two awesome days that at least gives you a sense that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  However, this year mother nature has decided to keep it cold, and I blamed her for the major funk I was in.  In fact, at my all time low,   I even posted some mean things on face book about the groundhog being a big fat liar – thinking that may help.  It didn’t.

I woke today with a ray of light.  I literally said to myself  “Self – jump out of your funk”.  Life is good.  I opened up my blinds and saw sunshine (cold still, but hey we are moving forward).  I got bundled and headed out to get some fresh (cold) air.  I took a brisk walk with some great spiritual tunes, and made a vow to see the day as the true blessing it really is.  So many times things in everyday life just make us sag with worry, and I am not having it.   I read a post the other day that said it all – “worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair – you keep busy, but you don’t go anywhere”.   I have deliberately taken the negative Nellys out of my life because quite frankly – I choose HAPPINESS!   Having a happy heart, mind and spirit these days are crucial!  Pick three people you admire- then watch, listen and learn from them daily.  I personally enjoy learning from  Joyce Meyer.   She states very simply “happiness is a choice, not an emotion”.   AMEN!

Happy, thankful and blessed – that is what I am.  What do you choose?

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